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Political Action and Morality in Machiavellian Times

The Renaissance era of Europe produced a great multitude of political thinkers. Among this plethora is perhaps the most controversial philosopher of his age, Niccolà ² Machiavelli. The Florentine politician, known most famously for his work, The Prince, discusses, among other things, the relationship between morality and political action. However, unlike the vast majority of his European predecessors, who often argued that political power should be in the hands of the morally virtuous ruler, Machiavelli produces a contrary argument, in which morality plays no role in judging the difference between legitimate and illegitimate uses of power. To this end, he argues that a ruler’s only concerns are the acquisition and maintenance of political power. This reputation, whether wholly deserved or not, results in Machiavelli being seen as Renaissance Italy’s strongest proponent of Realism and the true state of humanity and the world. Of the topics discussed within The Prince, M achiavelli wrote most often about morality, politics, and religion, as well as the relationship between the three. Beginning in Chapter 15, Machiavelli shifts his focus from the various kinds of principalities and the need for military force to the actions which are directly attributed to princes. Unlike previous philosophers, who speak of establishing republics based on morality and virtue, Machiavelli chooses to discuss the role of the sovereign in accordance with the realities of the world, rather than paintShow MoreRelatedThe Political Philosophy Of Niccolo Machiavelli And Socrates1444 Words   |  6 PagesAmong the most well-known and notorious philosophers, Niccolo Machiavelli and Socrates laid the groundwork for western political philosophy and modern day politics. Though both lived through times of political transition and war, the fragility of their politics, violence of their wars, and the leaders they lived under influenced the development of their differing ideologies a bout the governing of principalities. From Machiavelli’s experience, came, â€Å"The Prince,† a guidebook about the importance ofRead MoreMachiavellian Prince Analysis1688 Words   |  7 Pageswould find Machiavelli’s concept of a prince to be a leader void of these qualities. Socrates would be critical of a Machiavellian prince’s character and actions for failing to meet his morally absolute standard of goodness, and of the Machiavellian prince’s notion of wisdom for conflicting with his own. Socrates would not be supportive of the political system formed under a Machiavellian prince, the perpetuation of which inherently clashes with his stringent moral absolutism and ideals of devotion toRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Julius Caesar Essay1609 Words   |  7 PagesBundy, â€Å"Brutus... is a man whose affections sway more than his reason, in whom there is this tragic confederacy of passion and imagination against reason† (qtd. in Palmer 402). Ernest Shanzer, however, says that Brutus is â€Å"by no means devoid of political shrewdness and practical wisdom†, but he is a â€Å"bad judge of character† (Shanzer 1). Although both critics’ descriptions of Brutus have merit, Brutus’ shortcoming, as well as the success of the opposing leader, Mark Antony, is more accurately explainedRead MoreGeorge W. Bush s President Of Texas1685 Words   |  7 Pagesconcepts of Leadership. There is a term called â€Å"Machiavellian†. This term refers to â€Å"the belief that a ruler is justified in using any means necessary to stay in power†. Many people can point out many corrupt scandalous government officials that use deception and dishonesty to maintain their power or title. This is very prominent in American politics today. An example of a present day Machiavellian leader is former President George W. Bush. From the time of September 11, 2011, President George W. BushRead MoreMachiavellian Leadership : The Prince1285 Words   |   6 PagesMachiavellian Leadership: Are These Principles Morally Correct to Use Today? For centuries, the political principles brought forth through Nicolà ² Machiavelli in his writing, The Prince, have been quite controversial both on the political forefront and the mainstream of leadership training. Though most people do not know that they are fighting battles over the principles brought about in the writing of Machiavelli. The Prince was written in the years following Machiavelli’s time in the politicalRead MoreClassical Realism Vs. Marxism1544 Words   |  7 Pagesframework for a series of timeless texts that remain as applicable in the current political climate as they had been centuries prior. A distinguishing feature of Classical Realism is its pessimistic interpretation of human nature and interstate relations, underpinning what critics perceive to be a famine of morality. This is exacerbated by an observed inability to account for substantial developments in the global political sphere. However, the shortfalls of Classical Realism are redeemed by an unrivalledRead MoreSocrates And Machiavelli s Views On Politics1464 Words   |  6 PagesSocrates and Machiavelli both lived during times of war and political transition. While both philosophers present a then-radical ideology to reform their state, they differed greatly on how to achieve that end: Socrates practiced idealism, while Machiavelli advocated for realism. Their differences of their beliefs are rooted in a conflicting perception of morality. Socrates believes morality is based on an individual’s attainment of goodness and truth, while Machiavelli concerns himself with a leader’sRead MoreRelevance Of Personality And Psychopathy1057 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom an ethical typology of organisational morality. The creation of a four square matrix from the Machiavellian â€Å"ethic† of means and ends identify four distinct ethical organisational styles; Machiavellian and criminal on one hand, and Kantian and â€Å"ethicall† on the other. In the Machiavellian matrix, the four types occupy the different sections of the diagram †¢ Machiavellian characterised by an extreme pragmatism, with the moral valence of the actions taken managerially are judged by the moralRead MoreSocrates And Machiavelli1681 Words   |  7 Pagespolitics, making a comparison or evaluation of a political system in his persona technically impossible. To claim that Socrates would or would not be supportive of any political system might then seem irresponsible, a presumptuous analysis not fitting for an academic recognizing the false equivalence between Socrates’ philosophy and Machiavelli’s political ethics. The strategy to conduct any sort of liable and valid analysis is not to wholly ignore the â€Å"political† part of the system but to evaluate the ethicsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli1314 Words   |  6 PagesThe Prince was written in a time of political and civil unrest in Italy. For decades the city-state of Florence suffered several political uprisings and the establishment of new governments. From tyrannical rule to the creation of a democratic republic, and finally the re-establishment of the Medici family, The Prince comes from Machiavelli’s lived experiences in these political regimes. Machiavelli blames the division of Italy into city-states and the socio-political un rest on ecclesiastical authorities

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Why The South Suffered A Major Downfall - 1568 Words

There were various reasons as to why the South suffered a major downfall, and loss in the American Civil War. The South did have several advantages from its vast amount of land, to its trained soldiers who possessed many skills, to its knowledge of the land since it was familiar land to them. However, the North had various advantages from it advantages in both their amount in soldiers and resources, to the having great financial resources, to being higher than the South industrially, to having a strong navy, and to having more railroad systems and a greater leader. Both also had disadvantages, from the South having fewer factories, to having a smaller population compared to the North because almost one-third of the population was made up†¦show more content†¦The last reason would be they were outnumbered or basically outmanned, and lacked in resources, factories, and transportation that would help them during wartime, compared to the North. So basically the three reasons the North won and the South lost was because of the economy and financing, overpowering manpower of the south, and centralized government, or lack thereof by the South. â€Å"For better or worse, the political philosophies underlying the creation of the Confederate States of America, with its emphasis upon a strong state and a weak central government, coupled with its vast investments in a slave-labor-based agricultural economy, meant that the South had neither the ability nor the desire to develop the kind of industrial economy or centralized financial system required to sustain a â€Å"modern† war. By contrast, the Union’s willingness and ability to vastly increase the influence and footprint of the federal government not only contributed directly to its military success in the war, but it also transformed many other areas of national life, including industrial, economic, agricultural, mechanical, and financial realms.† (â€Å"Industry and Economy during the Civil War†) The Confederates States of America, was established by eleven states that left the Union. The Constitution for the Confederacy protected slavery, by vie wing slaves as mere property. Also, they were devoted to a free market. The South believed in states’ rights. â€Å"A consistent source of tension was

Lan Based Time Keeping Payrol System Ama Computer Free Essays

Integrated Sales and Stocks Inventory System for Farmacia San Jose III. Area of Investigation: At present property professionals and commercial businesses are having difficulties in practicing the old and traditional format of sales and stocks inventory. Basically all proprietors follows the same procedure where in transactions are done through manual. We will write a custom essay sample on Lan Based Time Keeping Payrol System Ama Computer or any similar topic only for you Order Now IV. Reasons for the Choice: Since sales and stocks inventory is seen as the main core and repository of records related to the entire business transactions. The proprietors wish to have a remote access on their inventory. The proposed system will enable to automate the existing workflow and reduce turn-around time. The digitization of sales inventory will provide a secure storage, fast and easy withdrawal/retrieval of record and information. V. Importance of the Study: Manual handling of transactions is common to some of the businesses and this is what we hope to change. This study will simplify the work flow and will greatly succor the owner in business inventory. VI. Target users and Beneficiaries: The target users and beneficiaries of the proposed system is the owner of the business, employers and their customers. VII. Software development Tools: The proponents have chosen Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 for creating system and Microsoft Access to be used as the main database to make the system more efficient, accurate, reliable and easy to use. Approved By: _____________________________ Mr. Brian Andrew S. Gonzales Adviser ———————– COMPUTER COLLEGE OF MALOLOS COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES COMPUTER COLLEGE OF MALOLOS COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES How to cite Lan Based Time Keeping Payrol System Ama Computer, Essays

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Oppression of womens rights affects the economy of the Middle East

Table of Contents Introduction Research question Literature Review Methodology Findings Conclusion Works Cited Introduction In all societies, women have different roles to play in economic prosperity. However, women have fewer rights than men in terms of marriage, legal status, education, professional life, divorce, as well as, dress code.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Oppression of women’s rights affects the economy of the Middle East specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, the society feels that the restrictions accorded to women’s rights are mandated. The oppression of women causes them to be pressurized into lower class citizens. This study evaluates whether the oppression of women’s right could affect the economy growth in a country by using quality of life as the measurement (Gilbert 23). Research question Why is quality of life index a critical factor in determining whether women’s oppression could affect the economy growth of a country? Literature Review According to the National Ranking, quality of life index use several elements, such as, the health level of the average individual, environment, and peacefulness of a country (World Bank 2). These elements could tell the condition of a country whether the majority are happy or unhappy. If the majority of the populations are happy, the quality of life would be high and vice versa. Quality of life index is scaled from 0.000 for the unhappiest country and 1.000 for the happiest country. In order to have a high level of quality of life, a country must maintain its medical policies so that a majority of people will have easy access to healthcare; maintain the quality and preservation of the environment, and security from crime, oppression, and war (Graham and Stefano 34). Looking at the gender gap inequality index, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Pakistan, Chad, and Yemen are countries that have high ge nder inequality in the world. These countries are ranked 131st to 135th. Meanwhile, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Ireland are the top five countries that have the lowest gender inequality in the world. Most countries in rank 131st to 135th do have oppression of women’s right due to a higher gender-gap (gender inequality). They face many problems because their rights are infringed as well as their full legal status that has been excluded from their rights. There are unjust laws that women face due to unbiased mentalities that have made them not to be recognized as equal citizens.Advertising Looking for research paper on gender studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There is a close relationship between a nation’s wealth (GDP per capita) and individuals’ levels of happiness (quality of life), which is why quality of life plays a pivotal role to know the wealth of a country. The level of happiness i ncreases as the GDP increases. Methodology The study considered 30 random countries to know the relationship between quality of life and GDP per capita in the real world. Quality of life does have a strong positive relationship with the nation’s wealth as they score 0.7543 in the correlation coefficient analysis. Therefore, a country will have high GDP per capita when the society is happy. Countries with high gender gap are expected to have low GDP since the majority of people are not happy (Oswald 24). Findings The correlation coefficient of countries such as Yemen, Pakistan, Chad, Mali, and Saudi Arabia are expected to have low GDP per capita as they have low quality of life due to the oppression of women’s right. Different with countries where majority of the individuals are very happy, they will have large GDP per capita. This can be Iceland, which ranked 1st in the world for having the lowest gender inequality rate, have an index of 0.935 in the quality of life an d 0.926 for the health index. For instance in Iceland, the high level of quality of life and health is one of the factors that lead to a GDP per capita of $54,291 On the contrary, there are situations where women have conquered the rights that are exclusively of the male domain. For instance Yemen has a quality of life index of 0.362 which means that the majority of the people there are not happy due to the oppression of women (Tzannatos 3). Yemen also has a low health index of 0.360, meaning that many people do not have access to health care. Yemen’s GDP per capita is low ($855). On the other hand, Chad, which has a quality of life with an index of 0.189 and health index of 0.173, has a GDP per capita of $521. Yemen, which has a quality of life with an index of 0.362, does have higher GDP per capita ($855) than Chad ($521), which has an index of 0.189 for the quality of life. Another data supporting our correlation analysis is Finland with an index of 0.896 for the quality o f life and health index of 0.896, it has a GDP per capita of $41,440. Finland’s quality of life index is lower than Iceland (0.935) thus it also has lower GDP per capita than Iceland ($54,291).Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Oppression of women’s rights affects the economy of the Middle East specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, our correlation coefficient analysis may not be applicable to Saudi Arabia that has a high GDP per capita ($14,585.85) but low quality of life rate (0.578). Even though it does hold the principles of our analysis, where Saudi Arabia have the highest quality of life between Yemen and Chad, our findings of the average countries’ GDP per capita with an index ranges from 0.500 to 0.600 is $2,754.90. This could happen due to the high production of oil in Saudi Arabia (â€Å"world’s largest oil producer†) that causes its GDP per capita is very h igh compare to other countries with similar quality of life index. More than 40 percent of Saudi Arabia’s GDP is come from the oil export revenues which cause Saudi Arabia to have a very high GDP per capita. However, women are still unhappy despite having high GDP per capita compare to other Middle East countries (McGillivray and Matthew 38). Conclusion Countries with high gender inequality, where most women are oppressed, do have lower wealth than countries with low gender inequality. Countries that have high quality of life, associated with health index, global peace index, and environment performance index, are strong economically. To have high quality of life means a country must have high health, global peace, and environment performance index. A high health index increases the economic growth of a country because it brings happiness to the people in the country, making the country be more productive as most people are healthy (Sumner 29). A country with high global peac e index means that it has good relationships with other countries, which could lead to make trade easier between countries. Thus it will increase the growth of nation’s wealth (GDP per capita). Maintaining the quality and preservation of the environment of a country also play a crucial part in affecting the nation’s wealth. A considerable impact of the oppression of women on economic growth is robust to changes in specifications and controls for potential endogeneities and is a pervasive future in most countries since the opportunities and outcomes are present in dimensions that include education, earnings, employment as well as access to productive inputs (Rosen 24). The rising vulnerability of women over the course of economic development is shaped by institutional arrangements such as the family structures and other discriminatory practices. Works Cited Gilbert, Daniel. Stumbling on Happiness, New York: Alfred A Knopf. 2006. Print.Advertising Looking for research paper on gender studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Graham, Carol and Stefano Pettinato, Happiness and Hardship: Opportunity and Insecurity in New Market Economies. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press. 2002. Print. McGillivray, Mark and Matthew Clarke. Understanding Human Well Being, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan. 2006. Print. Oswald, Andrew J. Happiness and Economic Performance. Economic Journal. 107(5), 1997. 1815–3. Print. Rosen, Sherwin. Authority, control, and the distribution of earnings. Bell Journal of Economics, 13 (2). 1982. pp. 311-23. Sumner, Andrew. Economic Well-being and Non-economic Well-being, Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave MacMillan. 2006. Print. Tzannatos, Zafiris. Women and labor market changes in the global economy: Growth helps, inequalities hurt and public policy matters. World Development Vol. 27, No. 3, 1999. pp. 551-569. World Bank. Engendering Development. Washington, DC: World Bank. 2001. This research paper on Oppression of women’s rights affects the economy of the Middle East was written and submitted by user Abel Morin to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Griffith Report Essays - California, Free Essays, Term Papers

Griffith Report Essays - California, Free Essays, Term Papers Griffith Report During my visit to the Griffith Observatory I had a great experience there. In the front lawn there was statues of famous scientists such as Galileo, Copernicus, Isaac Newton, and others. When I arrived at the museum, I noticed many appealing things immediately. I became aware that visitors can actually become observers from outside of the building. For example the museum offered telescopes for me to use to look into the sky. When I walked further along the site I notice a Solar System Lawn Model. Engraved in the ground was the Milky Way (our solar system), and a Sunset and Moonset Radial observer. Since the observatory was in so many movies, including: Yes man, Funny People, and the Terminator. To me it looked like a mansion. It had a large field of grass that on looked the Los Angeles Horizon. It had a patio where visitors can watch the sunset and sunrise. It also had a section to take pictures in front of the Hollywood sign. As I entered the observatory I knew I would come home with information I had never knew about. There where so many things to touch and look at. I wanted to spend every minute observing the displays. The walls and the ceilings have large beautiful murals painted all along the ceiling, like something from a cathedral in Rome. I was told, they were created to show the connection between science and mythology, as well as the connection between the earth and the sky. There were even murals of all the Astronomers who helped develop Griffith's idea. The center of the building included a large Pendulum, which was a device used to measure the earth's rotation. It was the observatories main attraction and had required perfect creation in order for it to be exact. As everyone was gathered around this object, we wondered how it worked. At the bottom of the floor was a measuring device with domino like blocks rotating around it. It worked in the strangest way I can imagine, as the ball moved back and forth it would knock down the blocks according to the earth's rotation. There were many sections at the Griffiths Observatory that had hands-on activities for me to understand. One for example was a machine that determined the temperature of my body,called a UAV Ray generator. I moved aimlessly around the machine to see how hot or cold I was. As it turns out, my ears are actually colder than any other part on my body. To me it seemed like it was looking through heat vision goggles. As if I was looking for someone through a scope, dead at night. I then knowingly, started grabbing random objects to find out the temperature. It was amusing at first but I later got into trouble. Checking out this demonstration is something I would recommend for new visitors. Throughout the time I spent at the Griffith's Observatory, I learned a lot about our galaxy. It had many additional facts about our solar system, as well as our planet. In addition, it was very neat to see the Los Angeles basin with its city lights and fast paced atmosphere. I would recommend going to this museum for a family trip or school event. I learned a lot about the different types of moons, stars and the elements of the periodic table. It was also fascinating to learn about the pendulum in order to figure out the earth's time and rotation. I learned a lot about astronomy that day. Overall my visit to the observatory was a great experience for me to take upon and will most likely be going again.

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Pair and Other Words Meaning Two

Pair and Other Words Meaning Two Pair and Other Words Meaning Two Pair and Other Words Meaning Two By Maeve Maddox A reader wonders about the word pair to describe singular objects: A headline from today’s National Post, â€Å"The Royal Canadian Navy is looking to buy 180,000 pairs of grey, lightweight underwear,† got me wondering about the use of the word pair when it comes to things like underwear, pants and scissors. Why are clearly singular items commonly referred to as pairs? Any ideas? I wish I could come up with some really obscure reason for the fact that modern speakers talk about â€Å"a pair of scissors† and â€Å"a pair of stockings,† but fourteenth century English speakers were already speaking of tools that had two joined partslike shearsas pairs. The earliest meaning of the word pair was â€Å"two things of the same type which ordinarily or necessarily are found together.† By the 17th century, pair had acquired the following meanings: a group of things which form a set a married couple a single thing in two pieces or two symmetrical parts two animals of the same species used or bought together two people united by affection or some similarity of position two symmetrical or identical parts of a body (ex. a pair of eyes) The of that follows pair in modern English was often omitted in Middle English and in early Modern English. For example, one spoke of â€Å"a pair socks† and â€Å"a pair gloves.† This change is especially interesting in light of the current trend to drop of after couple, another word that means â€Å"two things.† (See the comments on my post The Quasi-adjective Couple) Another change in the use of pair has to do with the plural. In the not-so-distant past, the singular was used after a numeral: â€Å"three pair shoes,† but now, as in the headline that launched this discussion, we use the plural: â€Å"looking to buy 180,000 pairs of grey, lightweight underwear† Here are a few more words that convey the idea of two: brace double duet duo duplet dyad twain twice twin two twosome Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Vocabulary category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:30 Synonyms for â€Å"Meeting†80 Idioms with the Word TimeNarrative, Plot, and Story

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China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

China - Essay Example In looking at Chinas future role in the international relations, one may argue that economic and political changes within China will have an impact on its international status. This has been clearly seen in recent years as China has started participating in international affairs evidently as influenced by political changes and vast economic growth. China’s democratic changes in relation to growth Despite the fact that China has maintained an autocratic society for a very long time, it has had to change certain forms of governance that reflect values of a democratic society. The Communist Party that is in rule today is not the same with the one that ruled several decades ago in terms of its political visions and leadership. The question of whether the subsequent down turn and rise of China’s economy has any effect on the country’s democratic changes can be better understood if analyzed from an economist’s perspective. This shows that China’s possible growth from 2000 could have slowed annually by almost 10 percent up to 2010 when it would reach approximately 6.5 percent mainly between the years 2018 to 2022. Economists also added that the above analysis is consistent with the second 2010-quarter slowdown. The implication that the success in China’s economy is mainly derived from a rapid and efficiently massive global embrace of global economy by a regime that is of a close communist (Etzioni 540). This can be explained as that it refutes the very idea that China grew due to its system of a one party system that stems from a single snap shot mistake in time at the shifting trends understanding. It is clear that the economy of China never took off due to the authoritarian characteristics of its leaders but mainly due to the liberal reforms in its politics in the 1980’s that tended to be less authoritarian. Signaling an improvement to the countries private property environment is one of the first acts the reform lead ers embraced. They also implemented meaningful political reforms and all the said political reforms in the 1980’s like the strengthening of the National People’s Congress, mandatory retirement of government officials, experiments in rural self-government, legal reforms and loosening control of civil society groups. The countries media also in the early years gained more freedom this timing was vital since through the above stated liberalism in the country’s political arena led or accompanied the country towards its recorded exponential economic growth. In this aspect even though the reforms never appeared overnight t5he economic and political reforms are directly and mutually intertwined rather than being contrary to each other and this explanation shows how they are vital to the country’s economic and constant growth (Xiao 3). The main reasons that could be articulated to the drastic decline would be that the country has either managed the normal occurre nce of a natural landing that happens when an economy is growing and to reach other advanced economies or China has fell into the trap of a middle income mainly that of aborted industrialization. In the 1990s the first cases scenario played out in South Korea, and it occurred in Japan in the 1970s. It can be argued that DRCs 10 percent growth after 35 years is at last also being duplicated in China. The likelihood of this claim can be arrived by reasoning that the infrastructures potential for investments has conspicuously contracted, with its